About SAFE!

SAFE! provides support to children and families around the Thames Valley who have been affected by crime or abuse through one-to-one and group sessions. We strive to be truly accessible and inclusive, no matter your personal circumstances, identity or background.

SAFE! has three core services for children and families living anywhere in the Thames Valley:

The Young Victim Service provides support to children aged 5 up to 18 who have been harmed by an experience of victimisation.  

The Building Respectful Families Service provides support to families experiencing Child and Adolescent to Parent Violence and Abuse (CAPVA).’

The SASH Bucks project provides support after abuse and sexual harm to children and families living in Buckinghamshire.

For details on how to refer, please visit our Routes to Help page

SAFE! also offers training for professionals.

We use interpretation services whenever required to ensure we can meet the needs of any young person or parent/carer.  We can help if you have any special requirements to access our support.

You can find SAFE! on Instagram, Twitter and TikTok, under the handle @safesupportyp or on Facebook under AboutSafeProject


September 2023

The Building Respectful Families Service are now accepting requests for support for families affected by Child and Adolescent to Parent Violence to Abuse (CAPVA).  Thanks for the National Lottery for funding this important work for another three years.  

April 2023

The Building Respectful Families Service has paused taking new referrals for families affected by Child and Adolescent to Parent Violence to Abuse (CAPVA). 

Whilst we are waiting for confirmed funding, we are currently prioritising work with children and families on our current waiting list. We remain hopeful that we will be able to re-open for referrals again in the Summer.  Please check our website for more information and for updates about this.  

In the meantime, we are still able to provide limited advice and guidance to families affected by CAPVA and remain open to direct contact from families themselves.   Parents and caregivers can contact us via email at brf@safeproject.org.uk or by phone 01865 58 24 95 to arrange a discussion with a BRF practitioner to provide information about CAPVA and offer advice, guidance, and signposting.  

January 2023

SAFE! has a parent and caregivers support group starting soon. To find out more, see our leaflet

December 21 2022

Referrals for all SAFE! services are now closed over the winter break.  We will re-open to referrals on Thursday 5 January.

September 2022

Referrals have reopened for the Young Victim Service, Building Respectful Families and our new SASH Bucks service for children and families affected by domestic abuse or sexual harm in Buckinghamshire. Please visit the 'Routes to help' page to find out more

The SASH MK project has now closed due to lack of funding.

May 2022

SAFE! has released a Service Evaluation Report of our Building Respectful Families (BRF) intervention.   This was undertaken by an independent researcher and completed over a two-year period, using a mixed-methods approach which included data analysis and in-depth interviews with children, young people, caregivers, and practitioners involved in the intervention.  The report highlights the impact of the BRF service and how the team are helping families affected by CAPVA.  Read the full report here here

1 April 2022

We have spaces on our next two DAY programmes in Oxfordshire - an online group for children over 11 who have lived with domestic abuse.  This multi-media programme explores healthy and unhealthy relationships in a fun and engaging way, and gives opportunities for peer support.  The first programme, running from May is aimed at young people who identify as LGBTQA+.  The second programme running from late June includes a two-night residential trip for young women who have experienced abuse within a romantic relationship. For more information email kristie.waller@safeproject.org.uk 

November 2021

SAFE! has published our Impact Report for 2021 which details the work of the organisation between April 2020 and March 2021. You can read the report here 

September 1 2021

SAFE! and AVMKSAASS have come together to provide a specialist service tailored to the needs of Children and Young People living in Milton Keynes.  Our aim is to support Children, and Young People age 5 + by delivering a responsive, individually tailored specialist support service in Milton Keynes to those who have been affected by rape, sexual assault, and abuse.  Both organisations are passionate about the work they do and believe that children and young people deserve access to specialist support during vulnerable or troubled phases of their lives. Early intervention is crucial for healthy emotional development, giving the chance for the developing brain to fire synaptic networks into life and learn to regulate stress responses.
For further information please call SASH helpline 07546 561186

We are also now open for referrals into all of our services.

August 2021

SAFE! practitioners have been putting together resources and ideas to help other professionals supporting children and young people.  Check out our Tools for Professionals page

July 2020

SAFE! has today released a new Safestories video which explores coercion and control in a teenage relationship.  Working with teachers at the Cherwell School in Oxford we have created PSHE teaching resources differentiated for key stages 3 and 4 to accompany the video.  You can watch the video here.

To request a copy of the teaching resources for free please complete this form

May 2020

SAFE! has today published a report looking at experiences of peer-on-peer abuse around the Thames Valley following a consultation with young people, parents and professionals.

Read the report