Project Workers & Staff

SAFE! Project Workers & Practitioners

SAFE! Practitioners and Project Workers hold professional qualifications in areas such as in social work, teaching, youth work, probation or an equivalent and have a lot of experience of direct work with children and young people. We have a mixture of employed staff and freelance practitioners.  

Practitioners receive both group and individual supervision and training on a regular basis and an enhanced Criminal Record Bureau check is a requirement of the role. SAFE! are committed to supporting Practitioners within their roles and working to best practice standards. Practitioners have a wide range of skills and are matched with new referrals into the project according to their areas of expertise where possible.


Chloe Purcell - she/her

  BRF Service Manager

Alice Brown - she/her

  YVS Service Manager

Hannah Hughes

  Project Worker

Charlotte Holloway - she/her

  Digital Engagement Officer

Peter Curtis - he/him

  Senior Support Coordinator

Teresa Owen - she/her

  Project Worker

Kirsty Gathergood - she/her

  Senior Support Coordinator

Sadif Khan

  Volunteer & Placement Coordinator

Raj Kaur - she/her

  Senior Practitioner

Annie Wright - she/her

  Executive Administrator

Sarah Jones

  Project Worker

Emma Halls

  Senior Support Coordinator

Emma Iley - she/her

  BRF Senior Practitioner

Julia Waring - she/her

  BRF Senior Practitioner

Catherine Davies - she/her

  Project Worker

Sherrianne Douglas - she/her

  Referral Liaison Administration Team Leader

Lucy McLean - she/her

  Project Worker

Charlie Haroon-Doyle - she/her

  Finance and Administration Manager

Louisa Cowx - she/her

  Project Worker

Tianee Buckley

  Senior Practitioner CHiDSVA

Amy Craik - she/her

  ChIDSVA Service Manager

Megan Barnes - she/her

  Project Worker

Rebekah Ridgway

  Project Worker

Jenna Taylor

  Senior Practitioner CHiDSVA

Courtnie Brown - she/her

  Senior Practitioner CHiDSVA

Helen Pritchard - she/her

  Project Worker

Kristopher Craven - he/him

  Parent/Carer Support Coordinator

Janice Nicholls

  Project Worker

Lindsey Inness - she/her

  Project Worker

Natalie Harrie - she/her

  Project Worker

Ranisha Samuel - she/her

  Project Worker

Iffait Khan - she/her

  Referral Liaison Administrator

Lola Brown