Building Respectful Families

The Building Respectful Families (BRF) Project is a service for families who live within the Thames Valley and are affected by Child to Parent Violence (CPV). Our vision is to help families to begin to address abusive behaviours together and find solutions to resolve the harm caused so that they may enjoy happier and healthier relationships. We are committed to being an inclusive service and recognise that young people and their families will have unique needs which will need to be taken into consideration so that they might benefit from our support. The BRF project is rooted in restorative practice and our practitioners use a protective behaviours approach with young people and their parent/s or carer.

We are accepting referrals for our Building Respectful Families project.  

We are a small team operating across the Thames Valley, delivering support online and through some face to face meetings.  Whilst we are working through our COVID recovery plan, there are delays to our support and we are operating waiting lists.  Please contact us to find out more about the waiting times in your area.  

How does the BRF project support families? 

We can provide up to 10 sessions of intensive support.  The exact nature of the support will depend on what a family’s needs are and what outcomes they are looking for from our service.  Before starting work we complete a full assessment with the family and in partnership with referring agencies to explore what the main issues are.  Using a trauma-informed approach to consider the needs of the parent / carer and the child, we consider what types of support will work best for each member of the family, including signposting to other services where required.  We have a specialist Team of BRF Workers who can then provide tailored support through 121 and group-based work for young people and their parents / carers; support for siblings also affected; and work with extended family members, if helpful.   

How do I know if it is the right place to refer a family? 

Young people must be aged 8 to 18 to be eligible for support and live within the Thames Valley area.  The behaviours being used by the young person are beyond appropriate boundary pushing.  Whilst it is normal for children and adolescents to demonstrate healthy anger, conflict, frustration and to test boundaries during the transition from childhood to adulthood; anger should not be confused with violence and abuse. Anger is an emotional response; violence is about a range of behaviours, including non-physical acts, which are rooted in power and control. These behaviours will have been part of a pattern of behaviour, occurring for at least 6 months.

The young person and their parent / carer both need to consent to support and be motivated to change their current situation, to seek to find their own resolutions and move to a more respectful way of interacting with each other. 

Referrals are usually made by professionals who already know the family and we ask that they remain involved and maintain their support for the family once our support starts.  Our service will address CPV but works best when families have support simultaneously from other services to address other needs, they may have. Families can self-refer.  

Please note, we are not a crisis service. Please speak to a GP or CAMHS if a young person needs help with severe emotional or mental health difficulties.

Everyone has the right to feel safe, all the time.  
If you are concerned for your own, or someone else’s safety in an emergency, contact 999.  We know this may be an incredibly difficult decision to make if you are the parent of a child who has become violent, but this can help to diffuse situations and restore safety to the home.  

Parent Testimony about an online parent support group:

"I feel this group is extremely valuable and offers a safe non-judgmental space to share thoughts and feelings.  Because i did not feel judged I was able to really reflect on our situation in an adult way and start to make some changes which have worked and made a difference to me and my child"

Services for professionals - Training and Development 

We have a consultation service for professionals who are supporting a family experiencing child to parent violence and who need advice. Please contact to request an appointment with one of our practitioners.    

New for 2021!

We are now offering training to professionals through our Introduction to CPV course.  This is a 3-hour interactive training session, designed to equip professionals with the knowledge, confidence and some strategies to support families experiencing child to parent violence. For more information please click here training for professionals or contact us at or 

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Whilst waiting to access our service, families and those professionals supporting them may find our Support Booklet for Parents useful

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