Building Respectful Families

Building Respectful Families (BRF) is a free, specialist service for families who are affected by a child or young person (aged 8 to 18) using harmful, explosive, aggressive or violent behaviours towards their parent/s or caregiver/s. This is sometimes referred to as Child and Adolescent to Parent Violence and Abuse (CAPVA). The BRF service also provides information, advice, training and support to families and professionals impacted by this.


An overview of what BRF does can be found here


Please note that BRF is not a crisis service.  If you need help in an emergency, contact 999.    To speak to the police in a non-emergency situation dial 111.  The National Domestic Abuse helpline is open 24 hours a day 0808 2000 247, they also have a live-chat option.


Ways to contact us:


Professionals, Parent/s and Caregiver/s:  Are you looking to refer to the BRF team for intensive support?

Firstly, please ensure you have read our Guide for making referrals' and that you can meet all our referral criteria: 

  • You have consent from the child or young person to submit the referral on their behalf.
  • You have consent from the parent/s or caregiver/s to submit the referral.
  • Both parties want BRF support (one-to-one and/or group work) and understand this will focus on the harmful behaviours which are happening in the home.
  • The family are ready to complete recovery-focussed work.
  • The child or young person is aged 8 to 18 years.
  • The family resides (or attends a school) within Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire (including Milton Keynes), or Berkshire.
  • The behaviours have been happening for a minimum of six months.
  • The child or young person is not currently experiencing ongoing victimisation due to crime or abuse.

Only complete our Referral Form if you meet all the above criteria. CYP BRF Referral Form LINK

By completing this form, you are requesting an appointment with one of our practitioners to discuss the presenting issues and needs of the specific family named on the referral form.

Once a referral is received, a BRF practitioner will be allocated to respond and will work in partnership to complete an assessment of needs before any offer of support is made.


If you cannot meet all our criteria for a full referral for intensive support, we may still be able to help.  


Professionals can book a case consultation discussion with our team.

Professionals can contact the BRF Duty number 07563 569 649 between 09:30am and 4pm on Tuesday’s or 09:30am and 2.30pm on Wednesday’s.

Please use this contact method if you do not have consent of all family members to submit a referral, or if you would like to discuss a family with us first, before talking to them about BRF.  


Parent/s and caregiver/s whose child does not consent to a BRF referral (or whose needs may feel too complex for our intervention) can still request information and advice, or signposting help to other services who may be able to help their family.   

Parent’s and caregiver/s should complete the ‘Request for Support Form’ Request for Support Form - LINK Please ensure that you provide as much detail as possible about your situation and request.

Once a Request for Support is received, a BRF practitioner will be allocated to respond and will contact the parent / caregiver directly to discuss their request. 

Do not use this to refer your family for intensive support. 


What happens next?


We aim to acknowledge all requests as soon as possible, and within five working days.  

All other enquiries to






Parent Testimony about a BRF parent support group:

"I feel this group is extremely valuable and offers a safe non-judgmental space to share thoughts and feelings.  Because I did not feel judged, I was able to really reflect on our situation in an adult way and start to make some changes which have worked and made a difference to me and my child"


Young Person Testimony about BRF support:

“I react differently now.   And my Mum tries to talk more about things. We are kinder to each other.”