Our vision, mission and values

All of the work that SAFE! does aims to work towards our vision that children and young people feel safe, thrive and achieve their potential.

Mission statement

SAFE! was established in 2008 from a recognition that experiencing a crime can have an enormous impact, and a concern that it can be especially devastating for children and young adults, who may struggle to cope and recover without appropriate support. SAFE! provides open access, inclusive, and free services for young people and families affected by crime, helping them overcome the effects of what has happened to them and regain their quality of life. SAFE! practitioners offer a range of pragmatic strategies based upon protective behaviours and restorative approaches that are designed to increase confidence, build resilience and improve future safety. By listening attentively and putting their needs at the heart of the process, SAFE! empowers young people, giving them a voice and helping them and those around them to build protective communities where they can feel safe. Working proactively with a wide range of partner agencies, SAFE! promotes the rights of young people, parents and families affected by crime, and by disseminating best practice guidance and resources the charity encourages any adult to feel confident in supporting a young person they know through hard times. With the rise in sexual abuse, domestic violence and internet crime the world can be a scary place, and SAFE!’s unique, innovative and compassionate service seeks to help young people live happy and adventurous lives.


Underneath all SAFE! services lie the fundamental values that define our approaches. SAFE!...
•    is child-centred 
•    is both independent (non-statutory) and collaborative
•    promotes and practices kindness and respect
•    is dedicated and passionate
•    is preventative and restorative
•    both advocates and empowers
•    is non-blaming

SAFE! can be found on the Charity Commission's website by clicking here or by searching 'SAFE!' on the Charity Commission Website.