Routes to Help

SAFE! is now open for referrals across all of our services

CYP Support After Crime Service (formerly YVS)

Referrals can now be made into the CYP Support After Crime Service via the Victim's First Hub. The Victims First team will assess the suitability of referrals and will contact families to complete the initial assessment.  Victims First will then send referrals into us at SAFE! where appropriate.

The CYP Support After Crime Service supports children and young people aged 5 up to 18 who have been harmed by an experience of crime, and would like support. Support offers include the following:

  • 121 emotional and practical support
  • Digital support offers
  • Groupwork and peer support programmes
  • Advocacy through the criminal justice process 

Professionals and parents/carers seeking support for a child can make a referral via the Victims First Hub using their referral form:

Young people can contact SAFE! directly to request support for themselves.  Young people can contact us on our helpline 0800 1337938 or email

If you require further advice and guidance having made a professional or parent/carer referral then please contact the Victims First team via their website or by calling their helpline on 0300 1234 148


Building Respectful Families (BRF)

A restorative whole family approach to help where there is Child and Adolescent to Parent Violence and Abuse (CAPVA) in the home.

  • The Building Respectful Families Service is accepting requests for support for families affected by Child and Adolescent to Parent Violence to Abuse (CAPVA). 
  • Our approach will always be to seek to work with both children/young people and their parent/s or caregivers/s, where this is possible.
  • Click HERE to find out how to get help



  • A Buckinghamshire support service for children and their families who have experienced domestic abuse or sexual harm
  • A partnership service working together with AVMKSAASS providing advocacy, practical help and counselling
  • Make a referral or find out more at
  • Please note this service is not available for Milton Keynes, referrals for Milton Keynes need to be made via our CYP Support After Crime Service (formerly YVS)


Helpful Information when completing the referral form

  • Our online referral form is not supported by Microsoft Explorer - Please use any up to date browser such as Chrome or Edge.
  • Ensure that all fields are completed and that the D.O.B is entered in this format 01/02/2011. 
  • If you do not know the answer to a field or it does not apply, just enter n/a or unknown.
  • Only enter the GP Surgery name.
  • If there is an error on the form it will not let you proceed onto the next page. Please look for a box with a red outline and correct it.

If you are a young person or parent and would like to self-refer but cannot use the online form please email for The Young Victims Service/SASH Bucks and for Building Respectful Families with your name and number, and someone will call you to take a referral over the phone.

We use interpretation services whenever required to ensure we can meet the needs of any young person or parent/carer.  We can help if you have any special requirements to access our support.


If you or someone else is in immediate danger please contact the police on 999.


If you need immediate support please contact ChildLine by visiting their website or calling their helpline on 0800 11 11. It is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


If you live outside of the Thames Valley, you may still be able to get help. To find out what's available in your area you could:

  • Contact the police on their non-emergency contact number 101 which will put you through to your local police station
  • Visit the Ministry of Justice's search tool for victims of crime for a local support agency. The search tool can be found here
  • Find your local Victim Support group by visiting their website or by calling 0845 30 30 900

f you have any problems finding appropriate support in your area please email or phone SAFE! on 01865 582495 and we shall try our best to find the appropriate service for you.