How SAFE! Helped

At SAFE! we hope that everyone who receives support from the project finds it helpful. To ensure this is the case, we measure how everyone feels at the beginning and end of our work with them and our results show what an important part we play in getting young people's lives back on track.

Over the last year (2013 to 2014) our evaluation results have shown:

  • An 80% increase in how safe the young people felt
  • A 36% decrease in how angry/ upset the young people felt
  • A 45% rise in their confidence
  • A 40% increase in their happiness
  • A 32% decrease in feeling that something similar would happen again
  • An 11% rise in confidence in knowing who to go to if they are worried

Below, you can hear some young people speak about how the project helped them:

Parents and carers have also given us some great feedback about how they see SAFE! has supported their children:

As parents, we found the project to be an excellent source of support. Having the help of the project, we have gained strength in knowing that [our son] has gained new skills and confidence in coping, and it has brought him out of a very sad place. As a family this project has given us help tailored to our needs, but most of all it have given [our son] the ability to enjoy life again. This project is so obviously needed.

Parent of a SAFE! client

Please can I ask for you to pass on our sincere thanks to [SAFE! Project Worker] who really helped our son, who was a victim of theft, bullying and intimidating behaviour by a much older youth at his school. After the first meeting with her, [our son] was really able to see how talking the situation through, with a supporting adult who can be totally objective, can really help him deal with all the built up emotions he was feeling. Thankfully, the support and guidance offered by her helped [our son] realise that the victimisation was not because he had brought it on himself and ultimately was not his fault. Once again thank you very much.

Parent of a SAFE! client